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Please note: The ratification period has closed for the 2019/2020 academic year until further notice due to COVID-19 concerns. Please see for the latest updates.

What is Ratification?

  • Ratification is the process by which student societies become recognized by the DSU and Dalhousie University. Once ratified, your society must abide by Society Policy and remain in good standing for the duration of the year. Your society will be covered by our General Liability Insurance and thus must submit all events for review by our Member Services Cooridnator.

  • Ratification is only valid for a year (expires March 31st) so all societies must reapply as of April 1st every year using our online form.

  • The ratification process differs depending on what type of society you are. 

    • General Interest - Any society that doesn't collect a fee from all students on campus, or receive a disbursement from a larger Faculty or Levy society.

    • Constituent - Any society that receives a disbursement from a larger Faculty or Levy society.

    • Faculty - Any society that represents all students in a particular faculty, and collects an annual fee from just the students represented.

    • Levy - Any society that has passed a referendum to collect a fee from all Dalhousie students.

  • Ratified societies are entitled to a variety of benefits and privileges related to funding, events, space on campus, communications and bookable resources.