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DSU General Elections 2018

Dalhousie Student Union - Positions for Election.pdf


Here are the results of the 2018 DSU General Election!


President – Aaron Prosper
Vice-President Academic and External – Masuma Khan
Vice-President Finance and Operations – Chantal Khoury
Vice-President Internal – Annie Shannon-Dwyer
Vice-President Student Life – Cory Larsen

Board of Governors Representative – Kathleen Olds


Arts and Social Sciences Representative – Fatima Beydoun
Black Student Community Representative – Mulenga Kasutu
International Student Community Representative – Lovepreet Singh Dhillon
Management Representative – Catherine Van Helden
Students with Disabilities Representative – Candyse Brisk


CKDU levy increase – does not pass
Commerce levy increase - passes
NSPIRG levy increase – does not pass
Pharmacy levy increase - passes


Overall, voter turnout was 19.8% of a total 18372 students eligible to vote in the election (note: this figure excludes King’s Students, who are eligible to vote for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Representative only).

For a full break-down of the vote counts, please visit:

To review the Elections Policy, including appeals guidelines, please visit:

Please note that there is a two-school day appeals window after the Voting Period. Results are adopted at the next scheduled Council meeting.

All questions, concerns, appeals, and feedback can be brought forward to Chief Returning Officer, Kaitlynne Lowe, at

To Vote (Note: Voting is now closed for the DSU 2018 General Election)

  1. Find your voting link in your email account—check your junk/spam folder too!
  2. Rank your candidate choices from most preferred to least preferred (this is called preferential or ranked-choice voting) You can also choose to abstain or spoil your ballot by selecting“abstain" or by not selecting any candidate(s).
  3. Confirm your selection!
  4. You will automatically be directed to the next candidate group you are eligible to vote for (Faculty Representatives, Community Representatives, and certain referenda questions are decided on by the individuals for who that position or question represents or affects. For instance, the International Student Community Representative is only decided upon by international students). Note: Only individuals who self-identify with the Black Student Community or Students with Disabilities Community are to vote for these positions.
  5. Confirm your selection!

Click here for candidate profiles!

Please see the following statement regarding debate decorum.