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DSU General Elections 2020

2020 DSU Elections Results

President: Madeleine H. Stinson
Vice-President Internal: Hanna Stewart
Vice-President Finance and Operations: Isa Wright
Vice-President Academic and External: Erica Seelemann
Vice-President Student Life: Jad Ghiz
Black Students Representative: Claudia Castillo-Prentt

Law Society Levy: Pass
Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group Levy: Did not pass

The election turnout was 16.9%, representing 3237 voters!

Check out the details at!

Elections Committee

The Elections Committee is based in Boardroom B in the Student Union Building. This is the official place of contact for Candidates/Societies until the voting period. Visiting hours will be 12:30 - 1:30 pm on Wednesdays and Fridays.

The Executive Team

The executive carries out the objectives of our Union, as determined by Council. The five executive positions are:

  • President
  • Vice-President Internal
  • Vice-President Finance & Operations
  • Vice-President Academic & External
  • Vice-President Student Life

DSU 2020 Candidates

All Candidates have been asked to fill out a Candidate Questionnaire to help students get to know them better! Check out their responses here!

Name  Position 
Colin Cooper President
Munavvar Shakhzodova (Moonie) President
Madeleine H. Stinson President
Erica Seelemann VP Academic & External
Mohab Brisha VP Academic & External
Isa Wright VP Finance & Operation
Hanna Stewart VP Internal
Sterling LaRowe VP Internal
Mazen Brisha VP Student Life
Jad Ghiz VP Student Life
Shivam Mahajan VP Student Life
Claudia Castillo-Prentt Black Community Rep

Council Representatives

Council Representatives are responsible for consulting with their respective constituents and representing their collective voice at Council. There are 12 faculty representatives, 6 community representatives, and two Board of Governor’s representatives. For more information on elected positions at the DSU, click here.

Elections Timeline

Council approved the 2020 Elections Timeline on January 26. Review the timeline here.

How do I run in the election?

To run in the election, you can simply fill-out the Election Forms (found here) and submit it to the Chief Returning Officer ( between February 9 - 15th, 2020. Those considering running for a position are advised to read the following:

How do I run a referendum?

Referendum are questions on the ballot that introduce a new fee or fee increase to students. Those interested in running a referendum must first get a petition containing signatures of at least 10% of the members to which the levy would apply. Contact the CRO for more information. Petitions are due to the CRO by February 11th, 2020. Those considering running a referendum are advised to read the following:


All questions, concerns, appeals, and feedback can be brought forward to Chief Returning Officer at