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Society Transition

Ratification Year: April 1st, 2019- March 31st 2018!

Society Transition Checklist

  • Financial transactions up to December have passed an audit. (Does not apply to General Interest societies)
  • Treasurer has completed all paperwork for the current year’s transactions and everything is balanced.
  • Ensure any outstanding debts on your society account with the DSU have been paid. Email to inquire.
  • Prepare any outstanding constitutional changes and give the incoming executive access to the most up to date constitution to be submitted for ratification in April (does not apply to General Interest and constituent societies who are not required to have a constitution).
  • Current signing officers have requested a society bank letter from the DSU to transfer the signing authority to the new executive.
  • Help the incoming executive apply for society access cards.
  • Show the incoming executive to get instructions on how to submit an event for review and how to book space/services on campus.
  • If your society has storage cabinets or lockers in the HUB, remove your belongings and locks and return any associated keys to the Member Services Coordinator. Advise your new executive on how to request storage space once they are ratified.
  • Help the new executive register for any mandatory society training sessions, as well as any that might make their role within your society that much easier.
  • Help incoming executive prep a grant application if hosting any events in the Spring not covered by the budget.  
  • Complete a username request form to renew your society @dal email address or to request a new one. You can also use this form to renew or request web hosting, but please note, all you are provided with is a url, your society is responsible for building the website.
  • Outgoing executive have submitted position validation requests for their CoCurricular records.