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Sustainable Event Planning

The Sustainable Event Planning Guide was created by the Office of Sustainability and contains tips and recommendations, helpful instructions, resources, and sample text for communications. The guide can be found here! There is also a condensed version of the guide that functions like a helpful sustainability checklist for your event. This version can be found here.

The guide covers transportation, promotions and printing, participant and exhibitor involvement, catering, waste management and education, procurement, and water and energy reduction.

There are many ways to make your event more sustainable, but little things can make a big difference! Some attainable actions include:

– Encourage participants to bring their own reusable mugs and food containers.  

– Choose to purchase reusable decorations and materials; collaborate with other societies to share resources.

– Order or buy food that is local, seasonal, and/or organic.

– Inform attendees about how to sort their waste and where the nearest sorting station is located.