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Plan an Event

The DSU works closely with societies to help you organize fun, safe, and successful events! Here you'll find a complete guide with resources for planning society events both on- and off-campus.

You must be a ratified society to organize an event with the DSU. If your society has not yet ratified for the current year, visit for more information.

If you have questions about the event planning process, please contact DSU Member Services at or (902) 494-1106.


Step 1: Attend Primary Event Organizer Training

All societies must send a minimum of one representative to a training session in each ratification year. This training covers the role of the Primary Event Organizer, the risk management process for society events, and certain space booking procedures.

Step 2: Submit a Primary Event Organizer Contract

Any individual authorized to plan events on behalf of a society must submit a Primary Event Organizer (PEO) contract to the DSU Member Services Coordinator. This process is only required once per ratification year for each PEO.

Step 3: Submit Your Event & Risk Management Information

All society events must be submitted for approval to the Member Services Coordinator for review of risk management information. This process is necessary for society events to be covered by the DSU's insurance policy. Once your event is approved, you'll receive a Certificate of Approval and Event ID Number that you can use to book space and other services.

Step 4: Book Space

There are many great venues for holding your event both on- and off-campus. Whether it's in the SUB, other spaces on a Dal campus, or beyond, we have special resources for societies to make the space booking process quick and easy.

Step 5: Book Services

No matter what you need for your event, you have the resources to make it a success. Get all the information you need to know about catering, bar services, technical services, and more to plan your event quickly and easily.

Step 6: Envision Sustainability

Map out the different aspects of your event and brainstorm ways to reduce waste and conserve resources. Consider the size of the event and whether or not it is being catered. Review resources such as the Sustainable Event Planning Guide and connect with the Dalhousie Student Union Sustainability Office (DSUSO) or the Office of Sustainability for assistance with planning and implementing sustainable practices.

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