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More than textbooks

One of the four University bookstores is located in the basement of the Student Union Building. This main store sells textbooks, academic merchandise such as pens, scribblers, and looseleaf, as well as Dalhousie branded merchandise and clothing. 

Order your textbooks online

Students on Campus in Halifax can order their textbooks online instead of searching through the bookstore.The bookstore also hosts a convenient Search by Course feature which allows you to search for the textbooks you're looking for and order them online. The search function also includes books from their used-book inventory.

How are books shelved in the bookstore?

All required and suggested textbooks for academic courses are shelved by course code. The course code is an 8-to-10-character alpha-numeric code that is specific to each course at the university. These codes can be found on your timetable underStudent Schedule by Day & Time.

Save money with used textbooks

Book Buyback Program

The Dalhousie Bookstore carries used books purchased through the Book Buyback program. Used textbooks typically cost 25% less than new textbooks, are tax-free and are offered on a first come, first served basis. They are shelved alongside the new books with a sticker to indicate they’re used. Used textbooks can also be found along with new textbooks when you search and order textbooks online.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact the bookstore.