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The following is the list of councilors for the 2019-20 academic year. If you have concerns regarding an issue, please contact the appropriate councilor for your constituency, e.g. Management representative if you are a Management student.

If you have questions about this list, please email




Chair Charity Justrabo
Secretary Kranthi Kiran Jalakam
President Aisha Abawajy
Vice-President (Academic and External) Hasan Sinan
Vice-President (Finance and Operations) Isa Wright
Vice-President (Student Life) Ruby Coles
Vice-President (Internal) Calista Hills
Board of Governors Representative Fatima Beydoun
Board of Governors Representative Seyed Alireza Siadat
Indigenous Students Community Naomi Bird
Black Students Community Claudia Castillo-Prentt
International Students Community Sara Goswami
LGBTQ Students Community Hannah Drake
Residence Students Community Sandra Sunil
Students with Disabilities Community Vacant
Women Students Community Vacant
Faculty of Agriculture Lenka Wicha
Faculty of Architecture and Planning Vacant
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Vacant
Faculty of Computer Science Shivam Mahajan
Faculty of Dentistry Ryan Callahan
Faculty of Engineering Julia Sarty
Faculty of Graduate Students Fallen Matthew
Faculty of Health Professions Joshua Yusuf
Faculty of Law Meghan Faught
Faculty of Management Ameir Yahia
Faculty of Medicine Herman Stubeda
Faculty of Science Bakhmala Khan