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DSU Street Squad: Volunteer Program


The DSU Street Squad is the DSU’s first volunteering program that encourages students to be representatives of the Union. The program has three areas where students can get involved: DSU Outreach Team, DSU Social Media Team, and Translation.

Each area has its own responsibilities where volunteers can learn and develop communication, marketing, and various other skills with. The program includes incentives students can attain while volunteering. The ultimate goal of the DSU Street Squad is to foster community connections within the Dalhousie community through on-campus volunteering.

Get Involved! 

To join the DSU Street Squad, click here to fill out the sign-up form. Volunteer work is scheduled in shifts, so please choose your availability when signing up, click here for more details. This is used to determine your volunteer shifts.

It is also essential that you attend an orientation session prior to volunteering. If the training times above do not work for you, please suggest an alternative time and the DSU Street Squad Lead will contact you regarding availability.

Program Details

To get more details on program roles, shifts, scheduling and perks, please read the DSU Street Squad Handbook 2019.


Suay Shao