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student survey

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To better understand the climate at Dalhousie University, the Equity & Accessibility Office conducted a survey during the 2013-2014 school year. Overall, respondents positively evaluated the DSU in terms of feeling welcomed and included. Respondents, however, identifed many areas in which equity and accessibility are lacking on campus. This report summarizes responses to the open-ended questions regarding problems with equity and accessibility at Dalhousie University.

The report also makes recommendations for future action by the Equity & Accessibility Ofce itself in the areas of: campaigns (i.e., continue running them), collaboration (i.e., with student groups), research (e.g., best practices), evaluation of the Office (i.e., institute mechanism for students to provide feedback), systemic oppression (e.g., continue challenging the DSU and Dalhousie), and training (e.g., anti-oppression training of DSU executive). Finally, the report recommends that students and other members of the Dalhousie community continue to call for improvements to equity and accessibility on campus.

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