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Apply for Ratification!

Please note: We are currently not accepting new or re-ratification applications. Please see for the latest updates on our operations.

Ratification Instructions:

  1. Pay off any outstanding balances on your DSU account. Need assistance making arrangements? Email accounting at

  2. Have a current executive complete the online Society Ratification Form

  3. Expect a 2 week waiting period before you hear back about ratification. If you have questions or concerns email or

  4. Once ratified, you will be ratified for the rest of the academic year until March 31st. When you are ready to start planning events go to and follow the steps outlined.

  5. Want to apply for funding, a bank account or society email? Visit

Society Policy

Society Policy was recently amended in April 2016. Instead of Type I, II and III societies, the classifications are:

  • Faculty Level Society
  • Levied Society
  • Constitutent Society
  • General Interest Society 
If you are a new society that has not been ratified before, to determine what type of society you should ratify as, click here