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Primary Event Organizer Contract


The following is a binding agreement between the signatory named below and the Dalhousie Student Union (DSU).
I, (the signatory), hearby agree to act as the Primary Event Organizer (PEO) for the organization listed below.

I understand that in doing so I accept responsibility for:

  • All events of the society during the full period of ratification.
  • Attending any mandatory society training as determined by the Society Review Committee and/or ensuring that other members who hold positions in the society attend training when appropriate.
  • Ensuring that any society member that will be involved with event planning has received adequate training in all relevant DSU and Dalhousie University rules, regulations and policies.

I am fully aware that:

  1. I will be responsible for organizing the event(s).
  2. I will ensure that the planning of the event complies with risk management procedures and alcohol policy.
  3. I will ensure that the planning of the event complies with Facilities Management’s rules and regulations.
  4. I will ensure that the rules/procedures for the event are made known to all participants.
  5. If an incident occurs, I will complete a detailed report and submit a copy to the Member Services Coordinator within one (1) working day of the incident.
  6. I will ensure the event will not compromise the dignity and well-being of the participants.
  7. I am responsible for ensuring that all advertising is consistent with the details I submit during Risk Management and complies with DSU and Dalhousie University rules, regulations and policies.
  8. I will ensure that any food served meets all DSU, Dalhousie University and Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture rules, regulations and policies.
  9. I am accountable to the Executive and/or board of my society and to the DSU. If my role as PEO for my society changes within the ratification year, I will find a replacement and ensure they sign a contract.
  10. If I violate the Dalhousie University Alcohol Policy or the Risk Management procedures I will be in violation of the DSU Society Policy and will jeopardize the ratification of my society.


I agree to uphold all of the requirements of the Primary Event Organizer and agree to not consume any alcohol on the day of the event until the event ends and all participants have safely dispersed.

Please use a personal email address not a general society email address.