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Call for an Ombudsperson at Dalhousie University    

What is an ombudsperon?

An Ombudsperson is a mediator whose job it is to ensure that everyone in the University is treated fairly and respectfully. They investigate, mediate, and advise students, staff, and faculty on issues containing elements of interpersonal conflict, and have access to the information needed to help students know whether they are being treated fairly or not. 

This report describes how ombudsperson offices are structured at Canada’s U15 research-intensive universities, problems with how the ombudsperson office at Dalhousie University was structured before its dissolution in 2013, and recommendations for a new ombudsperson at Dalhousie University. 

To read the report in it's entirety, chick here.

Since December 2014, the equity & accessibility office has been part of an ombudsperson working group (alongside Dalhousie Student Union executives, counselors, and Dalhousie administration) with reinstating an ombudsperson.