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Volunteer + Commisioner Opportunities

Commissioner Opportunities

Every year the Executive Committee hires a variety of commissioners to aid them in their ever-expanding roles. These commissioners get paid a small honorarium each semester for their work assisting with tasks such as:

  • Organizing campaigns 
  • Planning events 
  • Society audits 
  • Developing communication tools and strategies
  • Orientation Week Planning  

There are currently no commissioner jobs available. 

Volunteer Opportunities 

Market Volunteer - Sign Up Here!

Assisting the Market and Food Box program student staff with orders, packing and assisting customers, you will be part of a great team with a passion for making fresh, local food accessible to the Dalhousie community.

Food Bank Volunteer - Sign Up Here!

The Food Bank is an incredible resource that survives because of volunteers. Please come join the team and sign up for a regular weekly shift with flexible times and durations to choose from.