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Forums on Misogyny, Sexism, Racism, and Homophobia on campus

Past Forums

Thanks to all who have participated as panelists and audience members in this series of forums on sexism, misogyny, racism, homophobia and rape culture on campus. We have been so pleased to collaborate with the Gender and Women's Studies Program on this series of public forums aimed at engaging our campus in conversation on issues of equity.

Backhouse and Beyond: A Forum on Rape Culture and the Future of Dal

Session 1
Naiomi Metallic, Dalhousie Board of Governors, Aboriginal Lawyer
Isaac Saney, Director, Transition Year Program
Kym Sweeny, Sexual Assault & Harassment Phone Line; Law Student
Kathleen Reid, Vice President Student Life, Dalhousie Student Union
Margaret Denike, Political Science Professor and Gender and Women's Studies Program Coordinator
Moderator: Letitia Meynell, Philosophy Progessor and the Gender and Women’s Studies Program

Session 2
Kevin Hewitt, Chair of Senate, Associate Professor, Department of Physic
Katherine Frank, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources
Anne-Marie Delorey, Advisor, Human Rights, Harassment and Equity Office
Michael Davies-Cole, South House Sexual and Gender Resource Centre; Law student
Jennifer Llewellyn, Professor, Faculty of Law, Restorative Justice Research Alliance
Moderator: Jacqueline Gahagan, Health Promotion Professor

Forum on Racism & Sexism: Understanding Relationships Between Forms of Oppression

This event was a follow up to the Forum on Misogyny coming out of conversations about how misogyny does not opperate in isolation for other form of oppression and violence.

Dorota Glowacka, Contemporary Studies at The University of King's College
Tino Chiome, QBIPOC Community Organizer
Greyson Jones, PhD Student Sociology/Anthropology
El Jones, Halifax Poet Laureate

Forum on Misogyny: Tranforming our Campus & Strenghtening Our Community

(Start video at 34 mins)

Moderator: Margaret Denike, professor of Political Science and Gender and Women's Studies at Dal

Session 1
Jacqueline Warwick, professor Musicology, former coordinator of Gender and Women's Studies Program at Dal
Jude Ashburn,  Outreach Coordinator, South House Gender and Sexual Resource Centre
Afua Cooper, professor of Black studies, and Sociology & Social Anthropology
Judy Haiven , professor in the Department of management, at SMU
Jacqueline Skiptunis,  VP, Academic and External of the DSU
Marjorie Stone, Professor of  English and GWST at Dal
Marnina Gonick, Canada Research Chair in Gender Studies at Mount St. Vincent University

Session 2
Brian Noble, professor of Sociology & Social Anthropology at Dal
Letitia Meynell, professor of Philosophy and GWST at Dal
Jacquie Gahagan, professor of Health Promotion at Dal, and a leader in gender-based health promotion and ethical education
Sara Swasson, Native Post- Secondary Liaison at the Native Counselling Unit
Chike Jeffers, professor of Philosophy at Dal
Ellen Taylor, Avalon Sexual Assault Centre
Jenn Nowoselski, Vice President Internal of the DSU