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Bank Letter Request

Only societies that have been previously ratified with us, may request a letter. If your society is unsure about your ratification status, please contact Member Services at 902-494-1106 or

If you have a campus mailbox, that address is preferred, or you can use your treasurer's mailing address. Alternatively, all society mail is put in the mailboxes across from Campus Copy.
Branch Location street address
Each society must have at least 3 signing officers. Please type the names with their positions on different lines. You can use this as the template: Rhiannon Makohoniuk (President) Holly MacDonald (Vice-President) Sep Rassi (Treasurer)
If your society executive has changed, old executives need to be removed from the account. Please list their names and positions. If you are unsure of last year's signing officers, the bank should be able to give you names if you have the account number and information.