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Bank Letter Request

Societies that have a bank account will want to transfer signing authority to their new executive each year.

Societies that don't yet have a bank account will need to open one to apply for any funding directly from the DSU.

For both, the process is fairly simple!

Step 1: Find the name/location of your bank, and fill out the Bank Letter Request Form below with the names and positions of those being taken off of the account, and those being added!

  • In the case of new accounts, add the three names (and positions) of those who will be on the new account.

Step 2: Wait to hear back that the form is ready to pick up - you'll receive an e-mail from when the form has been signed.

  • Forms can be picked up at the 2nd floor info-desk at the Student Union Building, or the DSU Sexton Office. Indicate in the form where you would like the pick up location to be.

Step 3: Bring the signed form in to a meeting with the bank to officially change signing authority/open your account!

As of October 25th, 2019, the Bank Letter Request Form has moved to HERE.

Any requests received before October 25th, 2019 will be processed as usual.