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Full-Time Staff

DSU Full-Time staff work hard year after year to ensure the day-to-day operations of the Union progress smoothly and consistently. 

craig_web.jpgGeneral Manager

Craig Kennedy          (902) 494-1248


The General Manager works as a liaison between Council and the full and part-time staff to provide efficient, student-focused services and facilities. Under the direction of the DSU President and the Officers of the Union, the General Manager manages the day-to-day operations of the services, programs, and facilities provided to the Dalhousie student body within the Dalhousie Student Union Building.

Why students may want to contact the General Manager:

If students are looking for information regarding on-campus Liquor Policies, the General Manager also acts as the Campus Alcohol Administrator for Dalhousie. You may also contact Craig to register any concerns, suggestions or compliments regarding DSU staff and SUB services.


pat_web.jpgDirector Facility Operations

Pat Martin          (902) 494-3308 / (902) 830-8324 (cell)


The Director of Facility Operations is responsible for keeping the doors open and supporting the operation of the many programs and services provided to the Dalhousie student body within the Dalhousie Student Union Building.

Why students may want to contact the Director of Facility Operations:

If students are looking for information regarding the activities of Production Services, Computer support or SUB Security. Concerns, suggestions or compliments regarding DSU staff and SUB services.


greg_web.jpgDirector Licensed Operations

Greg Wright          (902) 494-6891


Greg manages the Grawood on Studley Campus and T-Room on Sexton Campus. He is responsible for all bar services on campus with the exception of the Grad House, Arts Centre and University Club.

Why students may want to contact the Director of Licensed Operations:

To make arrangements for alcohol to be served at an event on Dalhousie University campus.


Dave_web.jpgGrawood Kitchen Manager

Dave McNeil          (902) 494-1463


Dave oversees the daily operation of the Grawood kitchen, including purchasing food, meal production and menu costing and planning.

Why students may want to contact the Grawood Kitchen Manager:

If students are seeking casual work in the Grawood kitchen, if you have suggestions for the menu or for any concerns regarding the service or quality of meals served.


Director of Meeting and Event Management

Lauren Amyotte        (902) 494-3528


Lauren is responsible for booking and organizing all of the activities that occur in the conference facilities of the Student Union Building including the McInnes Room. The Director of Meeting and Event Management also coordinates the activities that occur in the main lobby’s common space. These activities range from society promotional activities to student forums to vendor tables.

Why students may want to contact the Director of Meeting and Event Management:

If students are interested in hosting a society event in a SUB conference room (including the McInnes Room), interested in booking a display/information table in the lobby to promote their society or to sell their products.


jen_web.jpgCampus Copy Manager

Jennifer Miles          (902) 494-1240


Jen is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the copy center. She works closely with staff to create and maintain procedures that will facilitate the customer’s various copy center needs including services such as photocopying, faxing, printing and scanning.

Why students may want to contact the Campus Copy Manager:

If customers are looking for information regarding any copying/printing needs, such as, faxing, binding, scanning, printing, course readers, etc. If customers have any concerns, suggestions or comments regarding Campus Copy staff or Campus Copy operations/procedures.



Jackie Doherty          (902) 494-1246


Jackie is responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of all financial statements for the Dalhousie Student Union. She oversees two staff members and assists the General Manager and Vice President of Finance and Operations with the financial operations of the DSU.

Why students may want to contact the Controller:

In the absence of the Accounts Manager or Data Entry Clerk when looking for information regarding invoices or payroll. Societies such as NSPIRG, Gazette and Women’s Centre, for example, who need assistance with budgets, finance questions and student levies.


Accounting Assistant

Charlii Lohnes          (902) 494-6007


The Accounting Assistant is responsible for all the postings of accounting entries. In addition, they produce all invoices for the DSU and enters all payroll and vendor data. The accounting assistant works with the Controller on the day-to-day operations. They also assist in training the Data Entry Clerk.

Why students may want to contact the Accounting Assistant:

If any DSU part-time staff have a problem or question about their payroll, or if you have a question about any invoice that has been issued to you personally or on behalf of a society.


Member Services Coordinator

Breton Doucet         902-494-7718


The Member Services Coordinator works with students and societies to help them access a variety of services offered by the Dalhousie Student Union. The member services coordinator can assist with matters of society ratification, event risk management, funding applications and questions about the Foodbank, Wellness Centre, Market or volunteering. Any event organized by a ratified society must be prefaced by a risk management form submitted through the website and approved by Breton.

Why you may want to contact the Member Services Coordinator:

If you are planning an event, booking DSU services, creating a society or you really just don’t know who else to ask; Breton can always point you in the right direction.


emily_web.jpgGraphic Designer

Emily Davidson          (902) 494-7193


The Graphic Designer provides print and online design for the executive, services, and societies of the DSU. Emily is responsible for design and layout across communication platforms and for developing campaign and outreach materials. 

Why you may want to contact the Graphic Designer:

If you are a member of a society and you want to request graphic design services. Graphic design services may include poster design, web graphic creation, infographics and brand development. 


Policy and Governance Coordinator

Meghan Photo (2).jpgMeghan McDonald          (902) 494-1282 


The Policy and Research Coordinator supports internal administrative, governance and policy needs of the Dalhousie Student Union and assists the DSU Executive Council with policy analysis and research on a wide variety of issues impacting students.

Why you may want to contact the Policy and Governance Coordinator?

If you are looking for information on the DSU Constitution or policy, DSU Council, or elections and referenda, you should contact the Policy and Governance Coordinator.


sarah_web.jpgCommunications and Outreach Manager 

Sarah Trower        (902) 494-6226 


The communications and outreach manager oversees internal and external communications for the union including public and media relations, the website and social media as well as coordinating membership outreach on issues that matter to students. 

Why you may want to contact the Communications and Outreach Manager?

If you have questions about the website, advocacy initialtives or any other DSU communication or outreach questions don't hesitate to get in touch with Sarah. Media inquiries should be directed to Sarah.