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Orientation Week

Dalhousie’s Orientation Week 2019

This September, Dalhousie will be welcoming more than 2500 new students to our campus- and what a welcome it will be! From August 31st – September 2nd, your Dalhousie Student Union is hosting an Orientation Week you’ll never forget. With events like the opening Field Party, Dalympics, Cheer-off, Concerts, amazing speakers, and more, we’ll introduce you to our campus, connect you with other students, and welcome you aboard as you kick-start your new path here at Dalhousie University!


Online Registration Closes, at 11:59pm on August 29th, 2019. After this date, you will be able to register in person at the Student Union Building in the main lobby. In-person registration will close on September 1st at 2 pm Cash, credit, debit accept at in-person registration. 

Wondering what fun is in store? Check out the O-Week schedule HERE!

We acknowledge that our DSU O-Week comes with a fee and that this may deter students from being able to access this programming. We at the DSU believe that all our programs should be as accessible as possible and offer grants to ensure students are given greater opportunity to participate. The deadline for the O-week Grant has passed. 

Check out more photos of last year's Orientation Week.

Special thanks to our O-Week Partners!


O-Week Event Descriptions!



Move-In: find your new home, meet your housemates and start unpacking! There are only a few hours to get your room set-up and ready for its big media debut. Tag us in your Instagram photos and help your friends move-in for a chance to earn points for your house. Simply #DalSweetDal and #AOAL and #DSUOWEEK and @DalStudentUnion

Living off-campus? Join us in the SUB to meet your fellow off-campus pals, meet your leaders and strategize how to make sure your team wins the most Spirit Points!

Field Party: This ain’t your grandma’s picnic… Join us in the Quad to conquer massive obstacle courses, feed some hungry hippos and race with feet bigger than you’ve ever raced with before. Meet your team and join us by the stage for some dance competitions, extreme tic tac toe and a conga line like you’ve never experienced. We’ve got tons of games, some student societies dying to meet you and a BBQ to make sure you’re fueled for this wild adventure!

Welcome home: Head back to your residence or the McInnes Room in the SUB (for OCUS students) to have a chat with your Residence Assistants, and Community Assistants. This is the time to get to know your new neighbors and learn all about life in your residence and/or community. Here you’ll learn the important do’s and don’ts to make this transition easier and have some fun! OCUS students will get special information about renting an apartment or tips on how to live at home while livin’ it up at university. 

Opening Ceremonies: Confused about what spirit points are? Haven’t quite mastered the DAL-HOU-SIE cheer yet? Wondering why we keep using the phrase “adventure of a lifetime”? Join us in the Quad for your official introduction to all things O-Week and learn about what it truly means to be a part of our Dal community.

Coastsheaga: Join us for the best concert on the East Coast! We’ve partnered with Halifax Urban Folk Festival and Keep It Social to bring you the best talent available, making waves in music history!

Chutes and Ladders: Looking for something quieter? We’ve got board games of all skill levels and sizes, some of the best game bosses around, and an event so fun we just might get into TROUBLE.

Outdoor Film Screening: You don’t need any drive-in theatre! Grab your pals, some comfy blankets and head to the Quad for viewing of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

Grawood Preview: What’s the Grawood you may wonder? Only the most bumpin’ spot on campus! With events like Trivia, Sex Toy bingo and Open Mic running every week, some see a preview of what it’s all about.



Rise and Shine: Get your shine on for Shinerama! Shinerama is the largest post-secondary fundraiser in Canada with over 35,000 students working to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis! Students showcase their talents, spirit, and care for their community all over the city of Halifax to spread awareness for the most common fatal genetic disease affecting young Canadians. By putting the fun into FUNdraising, Shinerama gets students involved with the community, city and, comrades! So, grab your guitars, bagpipes, dance moves, magic tricks, Rubik’s cube solves, mediocre mime routines, positive attitude and, anything else you can think of! We aim to OutRaise [fundraise], OutAdvocate and, OutShine all past years to create a world without Cystic Fibrosis!

Beach Party: Dress for the beach, you will get wet. Sponges, squirt guns, water balloons, a water slide, AND a foam pit. A great way to cool down after Shinerama and earn some bonus house points. No beach party is complete without beach balls and ocean animals, come check it out!

Art Attack: Ever wanted to paint on a canvas larger than a Honda Civic? Join us in the Quad and contribute to our largest student interactive art piece that O-Week has ever seen! We have tons of paint and tons of space for you to let your creative juices flow and leave your mark on our campus.

The Layover: Calling all adventurers! The clock is ticking, and if you don’t master the bottle flip or balloon relay, who will?! Grab some travel companions and come test your abilities to complete obscure tasks in 60 seconds or less!

Sex Talk: Halifax’s Venus Envy and Dalhousie team up to host this educational but out-of-this-world event! This mind-blowing Sex-Ed class will leave you laughing with your questions answered. Let’s talk about sex!


Choose your own adventure (10pm-Midnight):

Coffee House and Karaoke: are you looking to have a fun night? Do you like jamming out to great tunes? Do you want to show off your creative talents? Well then, your friendly local residence rep has created the Coffee House and Karaoke mash-up event just for you! You are in for a night full of music, food, entertainment and good company!

Location: Sherriff Hall, Dining Hall

Ghost Tours: Check out this spooky scary tour and learn about Halifax’s most haunted landmarks! Put on your walking shoes and you might want to bring a sweater… some of these stories might give you the chills. Departing from the SUB.

GlowPop: #LetYourGlowPop! GlowPop is our interactive selfie factory and we’ve got selfie opportunities like you wouldn’t believe! Want to visit France and Greece without leaving campus? Dress up like Bob Ross? Maybe your profile picture is out of date and you’re looking for something more interesting. Come to the McInnes Room on the second floor of the SUB and say “CHEEEEEESE”.

Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag: Uh-oh... looks like some bioluminescent fish figured out how to survive on land and they’ve taken your flag captive.  Join our team of Dalhousie Marine Biology students to get back what was rightfully ours. Meet us in the Quad and decorate yourselves in glow sticks – this event is sure the be a whale of a good time!

Sex-talk debrief: Here is your opportunity to have a chat with the sexperts and have all your questions answered. Join us in this low-pressure, non-judgemental environment and we can talk about sex baby, talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be.

Feminist Dance Party: Upbeat dance anthems + Powerful lyrics. It's like a regular night out at the club, but leaving you empowered not violated. "my friend is not a piece of meat" and "I'm just here to dance dance dance get your mind out of my pants". Shake, dance, and let loose in a safe(r), queer-friendly environment. Enjoy dancing your heart out to these original tunes created by local talent, inspired and created in collaboration with the local community. Come to the Grawood to hear tunes that will keep you raising the roof until we’ve broken the glass ceiling.



Morning Yoga: Join our friends from Take 10 for a morning mindfulness session followed by a yoga session. Taking place in the Quad, this event is open to all bodies and all experience levels. Bring your own mat or we have a few available to share!

Cheer Practice: Come together with your team to master your chants, cheers and dance moves before our final Cheer-Off competition. This is your last chance to master your cheers before you bring them to Committee for the final judgment.

Cheer Off: Head on over to the Dalplex and compete with other teams to battle for the top spot in this Cheer-Off. Hendy has hype, Gerard goes hard, Jungle thinks there the place to be, but do you have the cheer that will take it all?

Dude, where’s my class: It is the day before classes start, and we bet you're a little stressed. Where do you go? How do you get there? WHAT DOES MACHME MEAN??  Well the DSU is here to help you out! Meet up with your Resident Assistant or O Week Leader to head out on a tour of Dal Studley Campus so you can map out the route to your classes on your first day. 

Dalympics: Head on over to the Dalplex to meet our pals at Dal Varsity and Intermural athletics. Test out some cool games and compete against other houses to win the House Cup!

Totes for Tigers: Trying to become a little greener? The Health Promotion society invites you to come to decorate eco-friendly tote bags for groceries, school supplies, etc. Totes, markers, paints and other supplies will be provided. Come check out this tote-ally crafty event!

Induction: Your official welcome to the academic world of post-secondary education and the Dalhousie University community. Take the pledge and join the land of the tigers! Dalhousie faculty and administration will be there to welcome you to the Tiger Family. Free scarfs for all those who attend! 

Final countdown: The clock is ticking; the events are coming to a close and this is your last chance to win points! You’ve already mastered the hula hooping and duck passing, but can you handle the pressure? Join us in the Quad to put your skills to the test one. Last. Time.

Rugby game and closing ceremonies: Primal. Exhilarating. Cathartic. We’re talking SPORTS. Get decked in your black and gold and support your Dalhousie Tigers in what promises to be a thrilling display. With all of us showing our stripes, we are sure to end this adventure in victory!

After jam: In need of some chill vibes to help unwind after the hype of the sports game? We got you! Join us on the Quad for a relaxing jam session, board games, frisbee and lots of other low-key activities. This is the perfect time to reflect on O-Week and start dreaming of your future adventure: finishing that degree!

Unsure what other Dalhousie orientations you may be eligible to attend - take Dalhousie's quiz here!